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VS-500-Z Circuit Board by Balboa

VS-500-Z Circuit Board by Balboa
CAD $369.99

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Balboa VS-500 Printed Circuit Board.

This circuit board replaces 54359, 54369-01, 54369-02, 54369-03, 55032, 55032-01, 55032-02, 33-54369-K and 59-138-1680.

Common chip numbers used with this board:

100CR1A, 100CR1B, 100CR1C, 100DR1A, 100DR1B, 100DR1C, COB500R2A, FREE300R1A, GV5500R2B, GVS500R1A, GVS500R1B, GVS500R2A, GVS500R2B, KEYS1000R1A, KEYS100CR1B, KEYS100DR1A, KEYS100DR1B, MS360R1A, MS360R1B, MS360R1C, MVS500ZR2D, VKV500R1A, VS120RR2A, VS120RR2B, VS120RR2C, VS300AVR1A, VS500R1A, VS500R1B, VS500TM1R1A, VS500TM1R1B, VS500TM1R1C, VS500TM2R2A, VS500TM2R2B, VS500TM2R2C, VS500ZR2A, VS500ZR2B, VS500ZR2C, VS500ZR2D.

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