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Gift Ideas to Spa Owners

Gift Ideas to Spa Owners

Many great gift ideas for Hot Tub & Spa Owners!

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  • Temperature Monitor and Alert System

    Use a smartphone, tablet or computer to receive alerts and remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels that affect your home, business, rentals, aquarium, hot tub, pool or garden.* Monitor ambient temperature and humidity with the sensor, and water, soil or air temperature with the 6 ft. detachable stainless steel wet probe.

    CAD $109.88
  • E-Z Read Hot Tub Thermometer

    Use the floating top attachment or tie it off with the 36" leash. The magnifying feature makes reading the large numbers and the temperature indicator very easy.

    CAD $13.99
  • Smart Rail by Leisure Concepts

    Smart Rails are popular for all hot tubs, but nescessary for spas sunken in a deck. This rail can be mounted on the deck or on the side of your hot tub.

    Features a slip-free, black foam grip and heavy duty mounting system.

    CAD $164.99
  • Safety Rail by Leisure Concepts

    Feel safe and secure as you step into your hot tub, by adding a quality Safety Rail by Leisure Concepts.

    The rail swivels to provide ease of entry and exit, and locks in position. Made of high grade, rust free, powder coated aluminum. Features a slip-free, black foam grip and a rigid, heavy duty mounting system.

    CAD $159.99
  • Under-Mount Spa Handrail

    The Under-Mount Hot Tub Handrail is extremely sturdy and is the most user friendly handrail available today. It features a LED light on the handle to add extra safety entering and exiting your hot tub! The rail provides 360 degrees of movement and the locking feature enables the handrail to be fixed in any position for added safety and peace of mind. The weight of your hot tub holds the rail in place, so you don't need to be concerned if your hot tub cabinet is strong enough to support a hand rail.

    CAD $199.95
  • Booster Seat Cushion

    Use as a booster seat for more height in your favourite seat, as a back support, or to make your hot tub more comfortable. Fill with water to use.

    CAD $19.99
  • Booster Seat Cushion, Water Brick

    The Water Brick Water Booster Seat increases the seated height for hot tub users, and doubles as a cushioned spa seat. Made of PVC coated vinyl, the Water Brick is made for use in hot tubs. At over 4" thick, the water seat also increases your comfort, when compared to sitting directly on any hot tub surface.

    CAD $39.88
  • God Bless Our Spa Sign


    Sign made of all weather plastic, 12" X 6", with pre-punched hanging holes.

    CAD $11.99
  • LED 10 Bulb Spa Light

    Replace common 12V spa light bulbs with our 10 bulb LED! 

    CAD $38.88
  • LED Bulb Spa Light, by Starburst

    Replace your typical 12V spa light bulb with our Starburst LED! It really is as easy as changing a light bulb. Simply pull your light bulb out and put in an LED bulb that is rated to last 11 years!

    CAD $59.99
  • Paradise Spa Vacuum

    The Paradise Spa Vacuum is an incredible design and easy to use vacuum, that requires no pumping or batteries. It is completely self-contained and the only vacuum on the market with a telescopic aluminum pole, making it easy to vacuum previously hard to reach spots, without bending over.

    CAD $79.99
  • Rubber Duck Fragrance Holder by InSPAration

    A fun place to store your favourite spa fragrance. Simply unscrew the InSPAration duck's hat and fill with any liquid spa fragrance. These ducks are fun and provide a great place to store your spa fragrances.

    CAD $8.99