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Other Popular Chemicals

Other Popular Chemicals



  • Fix A Leak for Hot Tubs & Pools

    Fix-A-Leak is a concentrated material designed to seal leaks in hot tubs, spas, hot tubs pools, or almost any other material. Fix-A-Leak can be used for plumbing leaks and leaks in the spa shell. Will seal holes up to 1/8" in diameter and form a permanent seal.

    CAD $14.88
  • Foam Out for Hot Tubs

    500ml, 17 fl. oz

    Quickly eliminate foam in your hot tub with Foam Out.

    CAD $10.38
  • No Phos

    1 liter, 1.1 Quart

    Specially formulated to remove phosphates in pools to improve water chemistry. Highly recommended if you have high phosphates and have a salt generator.

    CAD $21.99
  • Salt Cell Cleaner (for generator electrodes)

    Salt Cell Cleaner is an effective way to clean and de-scale salt cells, in chlorine or bromine generators.

    1 liter, 1.1 Quart


    CAD $18.99
  • Spa Phosfree (Phosphate Remover)

    1 liter, 1.1 Quart

    Specially formulated to remove phosphates in hot tubs and spas to improve water chemistry. Highly recommended with a bromine or chlorine generator if your hot tub water is high in phosphates.

    CAD $15.99
  • Protect Plus Stain & Scale Remover

    1 liter,  1.1 Quart Value Size

    Protect Plus suspends and inactivates stain and scale causing minerals found in hot tub water. Protect Plus is also a clarifying agent that clears hot tub water while protecting.

    CAD $17.89
  • Spa Soft Supreme

    800 g, 1.8 lbs

    Spa Soft Supreme will condition, soften, enhance hot tub water quality & will drastically reduce eye and skin irritation from other spa chemicals.

    CAD $13.49
  • Bromine Booster (Sodium Bromide)

    98% Sodium Bromide, available in 2 sizes:

    100g (0.22 lbs) - $5.95 | 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs) - $39.95

    bromine booster
    CAD $5.95
  • BromiCharge Sodium Bromide (Bromine Generator Salt)

    98% Sodium Bromide for bromine generators.

    1.6 kg, 3.5 lbs

    CAD $44.99