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TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader (Blue for Chlorine) by Aquachek

TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader (Blue for Chlorine) by Aquachek
CAD $89.88

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Specifically developed for pool and spa owners, the AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader combines the ease and accuracy of AquaChek test strips with advanced digital technology. Eliminates interpreting color results! Numerical results displayed along with “low”, “ok", & “high” indicators.

  • TruTest is a quick, easy and accurate way to test your hot tub or pool water!
  • Provides results for Free Chlorine, Bromine, pH & Total Alkalinity in a few easy steps.
    Note: To obtain bromine reading, you multiply the chlorine result by 2.2.
  • Delivers clear-cut results and eliminates guesswork.
  • TruTest is more consistent than a visual colorimetric evaluation.
  • Features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen for indoor or outdoor use.
  • TruTest is water resistant (floats if dropped in water).
  • Operates on two AA alkaline batteries (not included).

 Kit Includes:

  • TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader.
  • 25 TruTest BLUE Digital Strips.
  • User's guide in 15 languages.
  • Pool Care and Treatment Information.

Compatible with AquaChek TruTest BLUE Test Strips only.

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