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Aqua Finesse Hot Water Care Kit

Aqua Finesse Hot Water Care Kit
Aqua Finesse Spa Kit
CAD $169.99

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Sorry this product is no longer available. Replace with the better performing Spa Marvel Water Conditioner.

Aqua Finesse makes it easy to keep the water in your spa clean, crystal clear and silky soft. Its' all-natural ingredients reduce the need for harsh spa chemicals. Spend less time maintaining your spa and more time enjoying it with Aqua Finesse!

Aqua Finesse is different. It is is a natural, environmentally friendly water treatment system. Unlike traditional water care products, Aqua Finesse softens your pool and spa water and soothes your skin, without the effects of harsh chemicals. Aqua Finesse does play a vital role in the control of bacteria, but it is not a sanitizer. The use of chlorine or bromine is nescessary.

To understand how Aqua Finesse works you must first understand the real cause of bacterial contamination – biofilm!

Biofilm is a slimy substance that is created by bacteria for use as a safe shelter, feeding and breeding ground. Bacteria enter the water via many various sources, including bathers. Needing somewhere safe, bacteria create a slime (biofilm), which enables them to stick to any damp surface. Biofilm protects the bacteria within, and it does an excellent job. So much so that it is virtually impossible for traditional sanitizers, such as chlorine or bromine, to penetrate. Even large quantities of sanitizer may only kill bacteria in the outer layer of the biofilm, leaving the bacteria below unharmed and able to continue multiplying.

The Aqua Finesse Spa Kit comes with chlorine pucks, granular chlorine or bromine pucks:

  • 906301 - Includes 400g chlorine pucks, 2 X 2 liter Aqua Finesse Solution, puck dispenser, measuring cup & user manual
  • 906316 - Includes 400g granular chlorine, 2 X 2 liter Aqua Finesse Solution, measuring cup & user manual

Kit size is designed to last 3 to 5 months, depending on spa size and bather load.

Your first step when switching to Aqua Finesse, is to clean your spa plumbing with the specially formulated Spa Clean Puck.

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