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Balboa EL2000 M3 Spa Control System

Balboa EL2000 M3 Spa Control System
CAD $849.99

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Balboa EL 2000 M3 control box and heater only (topside and cords not included).

5.5 kW Heater

This pack is factory set to the following voltages, but you change the voltage of these circuits. The only contstraint is the ozonator circuit voltage must match the voltage of the circulation pump circuit:

  • Pump 1 (220V)
  • Pump 2 (220V)
  • Ozonator (110V)
  • Spa Light (12V - this voltage can not be changed)
  • Circulation Pump (110V)

This control system is compatible with the Balboa 52649-01 topside control panel and is common on Beachcomber, Granville Spas and others.

The EL 2000 M3 control system was previously in an aluminum box, but is now in a plastic enclosure.

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