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Blu Fusion Bromine Generator by Blu Water

Blu Fusion Bromine Generator by Blu Water

  • Close-up of Module included with Stand-alone Version
  • Included with Blu Fusion Topside Model
  • Topside included with Topside Model.
BW-S2200 / BW-S3200
CAD $299.00

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Genesis Blu Fusion Bromine Generator

Available in Stand-alone model or Topside Control Model.

- Auto voltage detection of 110 to 240 Volts AC (50-60 Hz)
- 12 bromine settings plus "Boost"
- Patent pending Graphite Electrode Cell
- Power consumption: 20 Watts
- 2 year Electronic & 2 Year Cell Replacement Warranty

The Blu Fusion is the industry leading Bromine Generator System. The Blue Fusion is the latest model in the long-standing Genesis product line and features cutting edge technology in hot tub water treatment. Genesis BLU FUSION technology eliminates the dry skin, pungent chemical smell, and unsightliness of old tablet feeder systems. With BLU FUSION, there is no more hassle, just sparkling clean water.

Automating Your Hot Tub

The BLU FUSION Automatic Bromine Generator device is the easiest way to keep your hot tub sparkling clean and always inviting. BLU FUSION uses naturally occurring bromide salt in your spa’s water, and through a low voltage current, converts it into pure bromine. This process is called Electrolysis. As an effective bactericide and algaecide, bromine remains present in your water as long as you are managing your water effectively. By eliminating any chemical by-products, the wasteful spa draining and refilling cycles are dramatically reduced – ultimately saving thousands of gallons of water annually and virtually eliminating all those nasty chemical additives. Pure bromine is not the same chemical that comes from brominating tablets, powders or liquids. Instead, Pure bromine is free of chlorine, binders or compounding agents – and is virtually odorless. This pure bromine destroys water-borne bacteria and algae in your spa’s water. Additionally, Pure bromine swiftly eliminates the presence of organic materials left behind by spa bather’s such as oils, sweat, and skin cells. As an added bonus, pure bromine does NOT contain calcium thus it can be used without concern for increasing your calcium hardness.

With the BluFusion System, draining and cleaning the spa is recommended once per year. 

Finding the right power setting for your Genesis Blu Fusion is simple. For the first few days of operation monitor your Bromine Level. The ideal level for bromine is between 3-5 PPM. Should your bromine elevate above 5 PPM reduce power setting daily until the desired bromine level is achieved. Adjusting more than 1 setting at a time will have a significant impact on the daily bromine output. The appropriate setting for your ISIS unit will depend on how often you use your spa. A spa with a higher-than-average bather load will require a higher setting on the Genesis unit. This simply means that the system needs to produce more bromine to maintain the level between 3 and 5PPM.

How many hours a day should my low speed pump be circulating? Circulation time is a very important element for clean and inviting water. Eight (8) hours is the minimum circulation time needed for Genesis Blu Fusion, to create the proper amount of bromine for your spa (your system should only be powered up and producing Bromine when your spa is circulating). 

What's included in the Box? (2 Models Available - Stand-alone Model or Topside Control Model)

  • Genesis II Std. Control Box with Mounting Bracket OR Topside Control with Genesis II Power Assembly
  • Genesis II Helix Cell (electrode)
  • (2) 1” to ¾” barbed elbow connectors
  • Carbon Spa Pre-Filter
  • Phosphate Test Kit
  • Sodium Bromide Test Strips

Use the sodium bromide test strips to ensure you have an adequate level of salt in your hot tub. Use the phosphate test kit to ensure you don't have a high level of phosphates in your water. (Your bromine generator will have a hard time producing bromine with a high level of phosphates, thus a phosphate remover chemical may be required). Use a regular bromine test kit or test strips to test the bromine level.

How much Sodium Bromide is needed? Add at a rate of 1.2 pounds per 100 gallons of spa water at start up.

Sodium Bromide Salt (Dead Sea Salt / Tru Blu) is sold separately.

Download the Manual for the Genesis Blu Fusion Bromine Generator.

This model was formerly known as the ISIS Bromine Generator made by Pioneer H2O.

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