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Covermate 2 - Under Style Brackets

Covermate 2 - Under Style Brackets

  • Covermate 2 with Cover Closed
  • Covermate 2 Under Style with cover closed
  • Covermate Towel Holder
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The Covermate 2
with Under Style Brackets

**Not exactly as pictured above. The Covermate 2 lifts here, come with
Under Style (Under Mount) brackets like the image on the right.

The weight of your spa holds the brackets in place.

With The Covermate 2 Under Style Bracket, the hot tub cover rests lower for a less obstructed view.

Covermate 2 Under Mount Bracket

Features of the Covermate 2 Under Style Cover Lift:

  • Black powder coated, rust-free construction.
  • Under style bracket is perfect for plastic skirted or weak hot tub cabinets.
  • Fits most hot tubs with covers up to 8' (244 cm) wide.

Will the Covermate 2 Under Style work for your hot tub?

  • Maximum Cover Width - 96" (244 cm).
  • Clearance required - Rear 18" (46 cm) Clearance, Sides 4" (10 cm) Clearance.
  • If your spa cabinet has rounded corners, the maximum corner radius of your cabinet should be 10" (25 cm), unless you can screw the brackets into your deck (screws not incl). If your spa has a large corner radius & your tub doesn't cover the brackets, you can screw the brackets to your deck. See below for instructions on how to measure your cabinet corner radius.
  • It will it work for In-Deck Spas & will not work on Octagon, Round or Hexagon shaped spa cabinets, unless you can screw the brackets to your deck.

How to measure the corner radius of Rounded Corner spas:

Measure Spa Corner Radius

We recommend The Spa Cover Saver to prevent damage to your hot tub cover seam. This is especially important if you have a large, heavy hot tub cover.

Covermate 2 Under Style Installation Instructions

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