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Covers - Premium Air O2

Covers - Premium Air O2

Air O2 Premium Hot Tub CoverAfter years of extensive testing, the Air O2 Hot Tub Cover is now available and ready to ship today! This premium spa cover features Dual Bladder, Drop Stitch Construction (like Whitewater Rafts and Stand-Up Paddleboards) and supports over 500 pounds. The Air O2 Hot Tub Cover is more durable than common foam covers. It will not absorb water over time, but instead provides consistent and superior insulation, compared to foam covers that lose insulating value as they absorb water. 

Most foam hot tub covers need to be replaced because they begin to absorb water. Once a foam cover starts to take on water, the cover becomes heavier and loses its' insulation value. Heavy foam covers often end up falling apart at the fold.

The Air O2 Hot Tub Cover will never absorb water and offers peace of mind from frequent cover replacements and relief from increasing electric bills. Additionally, the Air O2 Spa Cover is fitted with a WeatherShield Canvas which will not crack like old spa vinyl. The canvas is much more resistant to fading than vinyl and is has a modern look and feel. WeatherShield Canvas is solution dyed, meaning the fabric is completely dyed through the full thickness, compared to traditional spa cover vinyl which is only dyed on the surface.

  • Includes 4 locking straps and 2 handles.
  • Skirt length is 10 inches.
  • Slightly rounded corners with a corner radius of 4".
  • Covers are 4.5" thick.

The Air O2 Hot Tub Cover is available in 3 sizes (SCROLL DOWN TO ORDER):

  • 86 inches x 86 inches
  • 89 inches x 89 inches
  • 94 inches x 94 inches

Includes air pump and duffle bag.

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  • Air O2 Premium Spa Cover - 86" x 86"

    86 inches x 86 inches.

    Air O2 - 86x86
    CAD $899.00
  • Air O2 Premium Spa Cover - 89" x 89"

    89 inches x 89 inches.

    Air O2 - 89x89
    CAD $899.00
  • Air O2 Premium Spa Cover - 94" x 94"

    94 inches x 94 inches.

    Air O2 - 94x94
    CAD $899.00