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Duplex Digital Board, Balboa

Duplex Digital Board, Balboa
CAD $499.99

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Balboa Duplex Digital Board with 'phone plug' type connector for the top-side control panel.

Replaces 1900DR1A, 1900DR1D, 410ER1C, 51405, 51542, 51569, 51586, 54003, 6300DR1A, ALP50R1C, BF75R1A, BF75R1B, BF75R1C, BH50D, C11JDR1A, C11JDR1B, C2000R1A, C2000R1B, C2000R1C, DAK50R1B, DIGDUPR1A, DS50R1A, DS50R1C, DYN100R1E, DYN100R1C, MAS125R1A, NOR124R1E, P295R1A, RET50R1A, SS23DR1B, SS23DR1C, VIK100R1A, VIK100R1B, ZX500DR1A, BAL54003, 611311, 9710-09 and others.

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