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EcoOne Pipe Cleanser

EcoOne Pipe Cleanser
CAD $17.99

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EcoOne Pipe Cleanser deep cleans your spa plumbing, jets and equipment.

Use everytime before you drain and refill your spa. Just pour half a bottle into spa water, run jets and blowers on high speed for one hour, to allow Pipe Cleanser to work. The drain your hot tub water and refill with clean. EcoOne recommends draining and refilling hot tub every 8 weeks, depending on use.

EcoOne Pipe Cleanser is a proprietary formula that uses the power of oxygen cleansers and will not leave any residue. It is biodegradable and made of raw, natural ingredients.

Pipe Cleanser will keep your spa jets and plumbing in optimal performance. More importantly, it removes grime that would interfere with your spa chemicals, and normally build up and end up in your spa.

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