EcoOne Spa Monthly
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EcoOne Spa Monthly

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Use EcoOne Spa Monthly and use less sanitizer, have softer skin and have clearer water.

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Buy 6 or more bottles for $16.99 each!

EcoOne SPA monthly is a blend of organic compounds that are naturally attracted to minerals in your water and impurities such as body oils, dirt, lotion and hair products. This natural flocking action keeps spa water crystal clear for a full month and softens your skin as you soak.

Pour directly into your hot tub water to enjoy sparkling, crystal clear spa water with no foam!

One of the main ingredients is coconut extract. This extract slowly breaks down and gradually coats the filter cartridge, which improves spa filtration. Coconut has the added benefit of conditioning the water and softening your skin.

Benefits of EcoOne Monthly:

  • Use less sanitzer in your spa
  • Biodegradable & all natural
  • no foaming
  • Reduces and/or eliminates skin and eye irritation
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin
  • Stabilizes pH and alkalinity
  • Contains no phosphates, perfumes or dyes
  • Works with chlorine or bromine
  • One bottle will keep 500 gallons of water crystal clear for one month

How does EcoOne work?

EcoOne removes the organic materials in your spa water a biological process. All bacteria, whether beneficial or pathogenic, require stable food sources to grow and reproduce. If you remove the food sources, the bacteria will starve and die. As the food source becomes scarce, the bacteria have to compete for the remaining food and often will attack each other, thus further reducing the number of bacteria. The naturally occurring enzymes in EcoOne break down organic contaminants (oils, lotions, deodorants, sweat, dead skin cells, etc.) that bacteria feed on, thus removing the food source. These enzymes continue to work for a month constantly removing new sources of organics.

Since EcoOne is not a sanitizer, minimizing the sources of bacteria and organic materials introduced into the spa, and removing the organics, is key to keeping the spa water clean and healthy. The manufacturer of EcoOne recommends Di-chlor as the sanitizer of choice, but do not yet have Health Canada approval to sell their EcoOne OneShock (their brand of Di-chlor granular chlorine).

We can sell you another brand of approved Di-Chlor Granular Chlorine or you can also use the 2-part bromine sanitizer or bromine pucks to sanitize your spa.

How Chlorine (or Bromine) works.

Chlorine destroys bacteria though a fairly simple chemical reaction. Chlorine breaks down into many different chemicals, including hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and hypochlorite ion (OCl-).  Free available chlorine (hypochlorous acid) enters through the bacterial cell wall and kills the organism by destroying (oxidizing) the sulfur groups on the cell's enzymes, causing the cell's metabolism to stop, resulting in the cell's death.  The difference between HOCl and OCl- is the speed at which they oxidize. Hypochlorous acid is able to oxidize the organisms in several seconds, while the hypochlorite ion may take up to 30 minutes. 

Only 10% of the chlorine added to spa water goes on to kill living organisms. The other 90% of the chlorine oxidizes (destroys) waste products in the water. The byproducts of chlorine oxidation are chloramines, which have very little sanitizing ability. Chloramines have a very strong chlorine odor, and they cause nasal and eye irritation. Shocking the water with chlorine will eliminate excessive chloramines, but it requires temporarily raising the spa chlorine level to about 10 ppm, and then waiting until the chlorine level drops to 5 ppm before using your spa. Therefore, it is best to use a non-chlorine shock like Activate to remove chloramines or bromamines. Activate works well with all types of chlorine, bromine and Eco One.


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