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Electronic MX-1000 Spa Pack with 2-Speed Pump (Digital Controls)

Electronic MX-1000 Spa Pack with 2-Speed Pump (Digital Controls)

  • Spa pack & pump bundle - Standard Flow Setup
  • Spa pack & pump bundle - Reverse Flow Setup
  • EX-1000 spa pack and pump bundle items included.
  • MX-1000 spa pack electrical items included.
  • Topside control included with EX-1000 spa packs.
  • MX-1000 Spa pack side view of receptacles
CAD $995.00
Main Power
2-Speed Pump
Ozone Circuit
Plumbing Size

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Only PuraSpa control systems have all these features:

  • PuraSpa® Long life Titanium heater elements.

  • Color coded cords that plug-in on the outside of the spa pack. This eliminates the confusion of where to plug components in (other new systems on the market force you to turn the power off, slide the cord through the side of the box, consult a wiring diagram and then plug directly into the board). Our system is much easier and eliminates costly mistakes.

  • 'Heater On' Indicator Light - When lit, the heater element is getting voltage. This is very helpful when troubleshooting set-up issues and helps to identify faulty parts. 

  • BalboaTM M7 technology to prevent the heater from operating without proper water flow (this eliminates troublesome pressure switches).

  • Proven BalboaTM circuit boards and topside controls.

  • PuraSpa® control systems are engineered for easy installation and convertible for all voltage configurations. This spa pack can be wired to 110 Volts or 220 Volts. If you wire to 220 Volts for the main power supply, all component circuits can be configured for 110 Volts or 220 Volts.

Digital spa pack complete assembled in standard flow.

Pack and Pump bundle assembled in reverse flow.


Use PVC elbows
and other fittings
provided for either



  • The pump included is a Waterway Executive 48 Frame or Waterway Executive 56 Frame.
  • Includes deluxe rubber pump mount with screws.
  • Includes cable connector for motor, pump unions with o-rings, heater unions with o-ring gaskets, and 2 specialty elbows.
  • Digital top-side control with acrylic adapter plate (if you are replacing a larger topside or covering air button holes, install the adapter plate first to cover a larger area on your spa).
  • Color coded equipment cords for 2-speed pump & ozonator.
  • Includes wiring assembly for 12 V light and includes light bulb.
  • The heater, pump, cords, elbows and other PVC parts are included and come separately. Some assembly is required. See Assembly Instructions and Owner's Manual.

PVC parts included

Items included with MX-1000 spa pack and pump bundles.







Our spa controls have more than standard features:

  • Solid State electronic components and circuitry for increased reliability and accurate temperature settings.
  • Programmable top-side control included. You can set the duration and number of daily filtration cycles. Digital temperature and functions read-out.
  • Universal features - main power convertible for either 110V or 220V service supply.
  • Universal 2-speed pump circuit - supports 110V or 220V (color coded 48" Cord included).
  • Universal Ozonator circuit - supports 110V or 220V (color coded 48" Cord included).
  • 1.4/5.5 kW, 110/220V heater in stainless steel manifold.
  • Full range solid state thermostat for precision accuracy.
  • 12V Light circuit with 96" cord.
  • Freeze protection mode - if a low temperature is sensed the pumps and blower will purge the system every two hours in addition to the set filtration cycles.
  • Heater ON light.
  • Sensor to prevent heater from operating without proper water flow in the heater manifold.
  • Mis-wire protection circuit.
  • Automatic time-out for light, pump and secondary pump circuit.
  • High limit protection to prevent over-heating.
  • Foot mounting brackets.
  • Compact design for easy installation.
    Dimensions of Standard Flow: 24" wide (to outside of PVC couplers), 13-5/8" deep, 10.5" height.
    Dimensions of Reverse Flow: 24" wide (to outside of PVC couplers), 13-5/8" deep, 10" height
  • UL, cUL and ETL recognized.

Backed by a 3 year pump & 2 year control system warranty on parts.

Note: This control system must be hooked up to a GFCI protected line.

How to Order your new Spa Pack & Pump:

Main Power: Select the voltage that your spa will be hooked up to.
-If you select 110 Volt Main Power, then all circuits & components must be 110V.
-If you select 220 Volt Main Power, then circuits & components can be either 110 or 220 Volts.

2-Speed Pump: Select the Horse Power (HP) of your pump. It is best to replace your pump with same HP as the original, or you can increase by 1 HP Maximum if you want a little more jet pressure. If your Main Power is 220V, we recommend selecting a 220 Volt 2-Speed Pump. The pump included is the Waterway Executive 48 Frame or Waterway Executive 56 Frame.

Ozonator Circuit: You can operate an ozonator on this circuit and the J&J mini cord is included. Select the voltage of your ozonator or purchase a new ozonator here. If you don't need this receptacle, we recommend selecting 110V. You can later change the voltage of this circuit if required.

Plumbing Size: Comes standard with 2" fittings (for pipes that measure 2-3/8" O.D.). Add the reducers if you need 1.5" reducer fittings (for pipes that measure 1-7/8" O.D.). If selected, you will receive 2 reducers that glue inside the 2" fittings, allowing you to glue your 1.5" plumbing on the suction side of the pump and on the exit of the heater.

Assembly Instructions for Complete Spa Packs with Pumps

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