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Gecko Spa Control Systems

Gecko Spa Control Systems

Gecko Spa Control Systems. We have Gecko S-Spa, M-Spa, IN.XM, IN.XE and Y Series spa control systems ready to ship.


  • Gecko Y Series Control System (YE-5 Retrofit Kit Bundle)

    Your best deal for a Gecko YE-5 Control System with component cords and topside control keypad.

    Choose from the in.k200 or in.k450 topside & add optional wifi remote access.

    Gecko YE-5 Bundle
    MAP Price: CAD $673.88
  • Gecko Y Series Control System

    Gecko YE-5 or YT-7 control systems. Select optional topside controls & cords.

    Gecko Y Series
    CAD $573.39
  • Gecko S-SPA Control System

    Gecko S-SPA Control System available in 5 different variations.

    Gecko S-SPA
    MAP Price: CAD $887.17
  • Gecko IN.XE Spa Control System

    Gecko IN.XE control system with 4 kW heater.

    Compatible with IN.K200 or IN.K450 Topside Control Panel (not included).

    MAP Price: CAD $631.50
  • Gecko IN.XM2 Spa Control System

    Gecko IN.XM2 spa control works with the IN.K600, IN.K450, IN.K400 (NLA) or IN.K200 topside control panel and the IN.THERM heater. The XM2 is a direct replacement for older IN.XM (0601-221030).

    MAP Price: CAD $708.11
  • Gecko M-Spa Control System

    Gecko M-Spa Control System.

    MAP Price: CAD $1336.18
  • In.Therm Heater, 4 kW, Gecko

    Complete heater assembly with built in temperature sensor and water flow detection. Includes cords.

    RED & BLUE coloured models are the same (now being made in red). Also known as part number: 0603-409001.

    MAP Price: CAD $420.65
  • IN.TOUCH 2 WiFi Interface Module by Gecko

    Connects your hot tub to your home WiFi network, to allow control of your spa from anywhere with an internet connection!

    Compatible with Gecko Y Series, Gecko IN.XE and Gecko IN.XM2 spa control systems. Works with Apple and Android devices.

    MAP Price: CAD $242.55
  • IN.K8 8-Button Topside, Gecko

    IN.K8 8-Button Topside with Overlay Decal (7” X 3”).

    Compatible with Gecko Y series (YE-5, YT-7) and IN.XE control systems.

    CAD $199.99
  • IN.K19 4-Button LED Topside, Gecko

    IN.K19 4 Button LED Topside with Overlay Decal (7” X 3-1/4”).

    Compatible with Gecko Y series (YE-5, YT-7 and YJ) and IN.XE control systems.

    CAD $199.99
  • IN.K120 4-Button Auxiliary Topside, Gecko

    IN.K120 4-Button Auxiliary Topside with Overlay Decal and 20 foot cord (5-1/2” X 2-1/8”).

    Compatible with Gecko Y series (YE-5, YT-7), IN.XE, IN.XM and IN.XM2 control systems.

    CAD $154.99
  • IN.K200 Topside Control Panel, Gecko

    Gecko IN.K200 4-button, LCD digital topside control panel (4-3/4" X 2").

    Compatible with Gecko Y series (YE-5, YT-7, YJ) and IN.XE control systems.

    CAD $109.99