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Bromine Generators & Supplies

Bromine Generators & Supplies

Hot Tub Essentials is one of the first dealers in Canada to carry the Genesis Automatic Bromine Generator. Many years of experience with this great product, has equipped us with a vast product knowledge that few others can match. We are always willing to help with any questions you may have.


  • Blu Fusion Bromine Generator by Blu Water

    The industry leading Bromine Generator.

    Available in Stand-alone model or Topside Control Model.

    BW-S2200 / BW-S3200
    CAD $299.00
  • Bromine Booster (Sodium Bromide)

    98% Sodium Bromide:

    100g (0.22 lbs) - $5.99 | 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs) - $49.99

    bromine booster
    CAD $5.99
  • BromiCharge Sodium Bromide (Bromine Generator Salt)

    98% Sodium Bromide for bromine generators.

    1.6 kg, 3.5 lbs

    CAD $54.99
  • Sodium Bromide Test Strips

    For use with the Genesis Bromine Generator and Gecko Bromine Generators.

    Acurately measures Sodium Bromide level for hot tubs using bromine generators.

    Contains 10 Test Strips (Quantab® Titrators)

    CAD $15.99
  • Copper Test Strips by AquaChek

    Tests for Copper, pH and Total Alkalinity.

    Designed for use with ionization systems or mineral purification systems.

    CAD $20.99
  • Pro 2 Test Strips by AquaChek

    AquaChek Pro II Test Strips - check for Cyanuric Acid, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), High and Low Range Hardness.

    Contains 25 test strips.

    CAD $17.99
  • Phosphate Test Kit by AquaChek

    Measures phosphates from 0 to 1000 parts per billion. Comes with test vial, color chart & directions.

    Good for 20 tests.

    CAD $18.99
  • Salt Cell Cleaner (for generator electrodes)

    Salt Cell Cleaner is an effective way to clean and de-scale salt cells, in chlorine or bromine generators.

    1 liter, 1.1 Quart


    CAD $18.99
  • No Phos for Spas (removes phosphates)

    500 ml, 17 fl. oz

    Specially formulated to remove phosphates in spas to improve water chemistry.

    CAD $11.99
  • Genesis Blu Fusion Helix Electrode Cell

    Replacement cell for the Blu Fusion Generator made by Blu Water Technology (previously called the ISIS Generator by Pioneer H2O).

    CAD $339.99
  • Replacement Cell for In.Clear, Gecko

    Replacement cell for the Gecko In.Clear Bromine Generator.

    See Best Price in Cart: CAD $452.06
  • Pure Fill Pro Spa Pre-Filter, 0.5 Micron Carbon Block

    Purify your spa water as it enters your hot tub, by attaching a 0.5 Micron, Activated Carbon Spa Pre-Filter to your garden hose. Your chemicals will work better and your water will be easier on your skin and hot tub parts. Filters up to 10,000 Gallons!

    Volume savings! Buy 2 or more for $22.99 each!

    CAD $28.99