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High Limit Sensors & Switches

High Limit Sensors & Switches

A high limit sensor is a safety device that turns off the heater when the temperature reaches 110 - 115 degrees F. Mechanical high limits are used on 'older style, air button spa packs' and solid state high limit sensors are used on electronic spa controls.



  • Standard Mechanical High Limit Switch - 36 inch

    High limit switches are a safety device that will open the circuit if your hot tub thermostat or contactor fails and the water reaches a very high temperature (usually about 120 ° F).

    CAD $59.95
  • High Limit Band, M-SPA-MP-M-CLASS, Gecko

    High Limit Band for Gecko M-SPA-MP and M-CLASS.

    CAD $47.99
  • High Limit Band, S-SPA-S-CLASS, Gecko

    High Limit Band for Gecko S-SPA and S-CLASS.

    CAD $47.99
  • High Limit Sensor, 1/4 diameter, 2-pin Connect, Balboa

    31" Cord, 1/4" Diameter Sensor (Not for M7 Systems).

    CAD $69.94
  • High Limit Sensor, M-SPA-1/T-SPA, 1/4" Diameter, 14" Cord, Gecko

    High Limit Sensor for Gecko M-SPA-1 and T-SPA, 1/4" Sensor Bulb, 14" Cable.

    CAD $99.99
  • High Limit Sensor, S-SPA/M-SPA-MP, 1/4" Diameter, 48" Cord, Gecko

    High Limit Sensor for Gecko S-SPA, M-SPA-MP, 1/4" Sensor Bulb, 48" Cable.

    CAD $69.99
  • M7 Sensor Kit, 12"

    M7 Sensor Kit. Used on Balboa M7, VS, Value, LE, SUV & EL spa packs. Also used on PuraSpa Balboa Series and Hydroquip Balboa Series. This is a genuine part made by Balboa. 

    Special price of $39.99 when 2 or more are purchased.

    CAD $44.99
  • Sensor Mount for M7, Balboa

    Sensor Mount Assembly for Balboa M7.

    CAD $16.95
  • Temp/Hi Limit Assembly, Variable Temp Length, 31" Hi Limit, 4-pin Connect, Balboa

    Temperature Sensor available in 96 Inches or 25 Feet. High Limit Sensor is 31 Inches. This assembly includes both temperature and high limit sensor - 4-Pin Connect.

    30337 / 30337-25
    CAD $94.99