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Cleaning Chemicals and Products

Cleaning Chemicals and Products

In addition to the products on this page, some excellent hot tub cleaning chemicals are in these categories:
- Spa Marvel Natural Products, - EcoOne Natural Products, - Aqua Finesse Spa Chemicals



  • Clean & Perfect

    22 oz

    Clean & Perfect is a unique blend of natural enzymes and surfactants making it the perfect indoor/outdoor cleaner. Use on all hard surfaces such as vinyl, pool covers, spas, spa covers, decks, garbage containers, skimmers, outdoor furniture, barbeques, tile flooring - the uses are endless!

    CAD $12.99
  • 303 Spa Cover Protectant

    473 ml, 16 fl. oz, Value Size

    Protect your hot tub cover from UV damage with this excellent product developed for the aerospace industry.

    CAD $24.99
  • Filter Fresh - Spa Filter Cleaner

    1 liter, 1.1 Quart

    An excellent spa filter cartridge cleaner that cleans oils and grease from pleated filter cartridges.

    CAD $10.89
  • Spa Phosfree (Phosphate Remover)

    1 liter, 1.1 Quart

    Specially formulated to remove phosphates in hot tubs and spas to improve water chemistry. Highly recommended with a bromine or chlorine generator if your hot tub water is high in phosphates.

    CAD $16.99
  • No Phos

    1 liter, 1.1 Quart

    Specially formulated to remove phosphates in pools to improve water chemistry. Highly recommended if you have high phosphates and have a salt generator.

    CAD $21.99
  • Salt Cell Cleaner (for generator electrodes)

    Salt Cell Cleaner is an effective way to clean and de-scale salt cells, in chlorine or bromine generators.

    1 liter, 1.1 Quart


    CAD $18.99
  • ScumBug (2 Pack) - Oil Absorbing Sponges

    Scumbugs (includes 2 sponges in each pack) absorbs oils as it floats in your hot tub. When placed in a hot tub, it eliminates the formation of scumlines and improves water clarity.

    CAD $17.39
  • Tub Rinse - Plumbing Cleaner

    500 ml, 17 fl. oz

    Use Tub Rinse to clean your plumbing in your hot tub or jetted bath tub.

    CAD $10.95
  • Zorbie Scum Absorber

    The World Famous Zorbie Scum Absorber absorbs body oils, dead skin, suntan lotions, make-up, hair conditioners and other oils from your spa water.

    CAD $15.99
  • Spa Ball with Cleaning Pad

    Absorbs body oils and suntan oils in hot tubs.

    CAD $15.95