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The Cover Saver (prevents cover lift damage)

The Cover Saver (prevents cover lift damage)

  • Spa Cover Saver. Hot tub cover closed position.
  • Hot Tub Cover Saver. Straps on cover lift center bar.
  • Hot Tub Cover Saver, brackets on spa cover.
  • Spa Cover Saver, brackets with spa cover open.
  • Cover Saver, Center bar with spa cover open.
  • Cover Saver 3D Pic on hot tub cover.
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The Spa Cover Saver eliminates all stress on the cover's center hinge, yet still fully supports the full weight of your cover on the lift! Using the patented Cover Saver will prevent the possibility of damage to the hinge of your hot tub cover caused by a center bar cover lifter. The Cover Saver transfers the weight of your hot tub cover from the middle hinge, to the outside edge of your cover.

Few spa covers are designed to have their entire weight supported by the middle hinge. This is even more important today, because covers are now being made thicker with denser foam. Most spa cover warranties do not cover damage caused by cover lifters.

Hot tub covers eventually begin to absorb water and increase in weight. Even a cover designed to accommodate a spa cover lift will eventually be damaged from this additional weight.

Designed to protect your spa cover

  • Extends the life of your cover.
  • Transfers the weight of your cover from the weakest area (the hinge), to the strongest area (the outside edge).
  • Prevents damage to the center seam of the cover.
  • The two part bracket system, includes nylon strapping and is very durable.

Simple to Install on your new or existing hot tub cover

  • Installation is easy and can be done within minutes.
  • Adjustable for any size of hot tub cover - instructions are simple and easy to follow.
  • Tools are not required to install.
  • Can be installed on any new or existing cover lift with a center bar (it is not recommended for the Cover Valet because there are 'fingers' that wrap around the center hinge).

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