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Filter Canisters Complete (Rainbow & Waterway)

Filter Canisters Complete (Rainbow & Waterway)

Complete filter canisters include the filter cartridge inside.



  • Waterway Top Load Filter Canisters

    The Waterway Top Load Filter Canister is designed for install through the spa shell, with access from the top of the spa. Available in various connection and filter sizes.

    Includes filter cartridge and all internal parts.

    Waterway Top Load Canister
    CAD $159.99
  • Rainbow RDC 25 Filter Canister - 1.5"

    The Rainbow RDC 25 filter canister is designed for install under the hot tub cabinet or deck. Slip fittings for 1.5 inch standard plumbing. (The Outside Diameter of 1.5" flex hose or hard pipe is 1-7/8".) Includes 25 sq. ft. filter cartridge.

    CAD $134.88
  • Rainbow RTL 25 Filter Canister - 1.5" or 2.0"

    The Rainbow RTL 25 is designed for install in your spa shell for top-load access to the cartridge or in other areas where it is easier to run the plumbing through the bottom of the filter. Available in 1.5 inch or 2.0 inch standard plumbing with slip fittings. Includes 25 sq. ft. filter cartridge.

    172502 / 172502J
    CAD $184.99
  • Rainbow DSF Filter Canister (DSF 35/DSF 50)

    The Rainbow DSF Filter Canister includes the 2-part filter cartridge set.  

    The face plate kit is sold separately.

    172554 / 172551
    CAD $199.95
  • #15 Optional Base for RTL (and RCF) Canisters

    Optional floor base mount for Rainbow RTL and Rainbow RCF filter canisters.

    CAD $18.99
  • DSF Face Plate Kit by Rainbow

    DSF Face Plate kit for the Rainbow DSF 35 and DSF 50 Filter canisters.

    CAD $56.85