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Gift Ideas to Spa Owners

Gift Ideas to Spa Owners

Many great gift ideas for Hot Tub & Spa Owners!

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  • LED Bulb Spa Light, by Starburst

    Replace your typical 12V spa light bulb with our Starburst LED! It really is as easy as changing a light bulb. Simply pull your light bulb out and put in an LED bulb that is rated to last 11 years!

    CAD $69.99
  • Rubber Duck Fragrance Holder, by InSPAration

    A fun place to store your favourite spa fragrance. Simply unscrew the InSPAration duck's hat and fill with any liquid spa fragrance. These ducks are fun and provide a great place to store your spa fragrances.

    CAD $8.99
  • Spa Pearls, by InSPAration

    InSPAration Spa Pearls (312 g, 11 oz)

    Available in: Ameretto, Apple Pear, Kiwi, & Razberry.

    CAD $11.99
  • Hydro Therapy Sport Rx, by InSPAration

    Hydro Therapy Sport Rx is packed with vitamins, minerals and natural extracts. (510 g, 18 oz)

    Available in: Elevate (Reduce Stress), Energize, Protect (Detox & Immunity), Rebuild (Joint & Muscle), Relax, Stimulate (Respiratory Support).

    CAD $14.89
  • Botanical Crystals (17oz), by SpaZazz

     (482 g, 17 oz)

    Available In:  Coconut Vanilla Exotic, Eucalyptus Mint Stimulate, Fresh Cut Flowers Romantic, Honey Mango Arouse, Ocean Mist Tranquility, Pina Colada Enliven, Sweet Pea Apple Rejuvenate, Tropical Rain Revitalize and Warm French Vanilla Calm.

    SpaZazz Botanical Crystals
    CAD $19.88
  • Rx Therapy, by Spazazz

    Rx Therapy Crystals by Spazazz (562 g,19 oz)

    Available In: Detox Therapy, Energy Therapy, Joint Therapy, Muscle Therapy,  Respiratory Therapy & Stress Therapy.

    New: Sleep Therapy, Happy Therapy

    CAD $19.88