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Heater Elements & Heater Assemblies

Heater Elements & Heater Assemblies


  • Flow Thru Heater Element, 4 kW or 5.5 kW, 240V

    Our Universal Flow Thru Elements will replace 99% of flow thru elements in the hot tub industry. We stock Incoloy elements and superior Titanium heater elements.

    (Can also be used on 120V)

    CAD $45.99
  • Flow Thru Heater Element, Centre Contacts, 4 kW or 5.5 kW, 240V

    For heaters with the element contacts in the centre of the housing.

    (Can also be used on 120V)

    25-41411L / 25-41341L
    CAD $79.99
  • In.Therm Heater, 4 kW, Gecko

    Complete heater assembly with built in temperature sensor and water flow detection. Includes cords.

    RED & BLUE coloured models are the same (now being made in red). Also known as part number: 0603-409001.

    See Best Price in Cart: CAD $420.65
  • Heat.Wav Heater for IN.YJ, 4 kW, Gecko

    Heat.Wav heater for Gecko IN.YJ Control Systems comes with 4 foot Cable. 

    CAD $249.99
  • Vertical Low Flow Canister, Universal Replacement Heater, 4.5 kW

    Universal replacement for all Low Flow Heater Assemblies.

    • 4.5 kW, 240V
    • Titanium coated element
    • 1" barb connections
    CAD $399.99
  • Double Barrel Therm Products Heater, replaces Watkins No-Fault Heater

    Therm Products Heater made by HydroQuip p/n 26-C3160-1S.

    CAD $498.88
  • Universal Heater Assembly, 4 kW / 5.5 kW

    Replaces most 'flow through' style heaters that use a pressure switch.

    • Includes heater element. Choice of 4 kW or 5.5 kW on 240V
      (Can also be used on 120V. Rated 1 kW or 1.4 kW if wired to 120V).
    • 15" heater manifold (measured from stainless steel flange to flange).
    27-J0413-5S-K / 27-J0413-7S-K
    CAD $158.89
  • 2000LE M7 Heater Assembly, 5.5kW, Balboa

    Balboa M7 15" 5.5 kW Heater With Sensors for 2000LE Systems.

    CAD $298.88
  • Lite Leader 4 kW Heater, Balboa

    15 inch length for Balboa Lite Leader. Does not include pressure switch.

    CAD $248.99
  • 50096 Heater Assembly, 5.5kW, Balboa

    Balboa 5.5 kW Heater with Pressure Switch 15".

    CAD $328.99
  • VS-100 Remote Heater Assembly, 4kW/1kW, Balboa

    For Balboa VS-100 Systems. 

    CAD $269.99
  • BP Heater Assembly, 5.5kW, Balboa

    Includes BP Style Heater Cable for Balboa BP Series Spa Controls.

    CAD $319.99