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LED Lights, Light Bulbs & Spa Light Housings

LED Lights, Light Bulbs & Spa Light Housings

Hot Tub Essentials stocks quality LED lights, bulbs and spa light parts.



  • LED 10 Bulb Spa Light

    Replace common 12V spa light bulbs with our 10 bulb LED! 

    CAD $49.99
  • LED Bulb Spa Light, by Starburst

    Replace your typical 12V spa light bulb with our Starburst LED! It really is as easy as changing a light bulb. Simply pull your light bulb out and put in an LED bulb that is rated to last 11 years!

    CAD $69.99
  • Light Bulbs (3 pack)

    Low heat, 12 volt light bulbs for hot tubs and spas (sold as a set of 3 bulbs).

    These bulbs are the most commonly used bulbs in hot tubs.

    CAD $12.99
  • Light Housing Kit

    Includes clear wall fitting, gasket, rear nut, bulb holder and 2 coloured lenses.

    (3-3/16" clear face, recommended spa hole is size 2-5/8")

    CAD $24.89