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Mineral Purifier Cartridge

Mineral Purifier Cartridge
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Cleans your hot tub water naturally and reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine usage by up to 50%. A combination of silver, copper, & zinc kill bacteria as the water in your hot tub flows through your filter system. The addition of a charcoal (carbon) coating, further increases the ability to filter impurities from your water.

  • Works with bromine, chlorine, salt systems and non-chlorine shock.
  • Contains the highest concentration of minerals compared to all other spa mineral cartridges.
  • Reduces the need for hot tub sanitizers by up to 50%.
  • Helps kill bacteria naturally as trace amounts of silver, copper and zinc dissolve.
  • Lasts for a full 4 months. Simply replace when you change your water.
  • The addition of an activated charcoal coating, absorbs impurities from your water.

The Hot Tub Mineral Purifier Cartridge is compatible with all hot tubs.

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