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The use of a properly installed ozonator in your hot tub, will allow you to use far less sanitizers, non-chlorine shock, spa water clarifiers and defoamer chemicals. Hot tubs with ozonators will have cleaner and clearer water and you won't have to change the spa water as often. By reducing bromine or chlorine use by 60 - 90%, the water will feel nicer on your skin and eyes, and there will be much less of a chemical odor.

An ozonator should run at least 3 hours in every 12 hour period, but you can run your ozonator up to 24 hrs a day for the best results. With a properly installed ozonator, you can keep the sanitizer level much lower than normal. Bromine can be kept as low as 1.5 ppm and Chlorine as low as 0.5 ppm. You won't have to add as much sanitizer to keep the sanitizer level adequate, because ozone is doing a lot of the purifying.

Corona Discharge ozonators made by DEL Ozone, do not contain an ultraviolet bulb that requires replacing. These ozonators are powered by an electronic chip which is more reliable than a bulb & eliminates voltage spikes that can upset spa electronics. In addition, corona discharge ozonators save money because they use less energy than an ultraviolet generator. Last, water backup into a Corona Discharge ozonator, will generally not harm the internals.

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