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Pre-Filters (for filling hot tubs)

Pre-Filters (for filling hot tubs)

Filter your tap water as you fill your hot tub, to minimize chemical use and protect your hot tub.



  • Pure Fill Pro Spa Pre-Filter, 0.5 Micron Carbon Block

    Purify your spa water as it enters your hot tub, by attaching a 0.5 Micron, Activated Carbon Spa Pre-Filter to your garden hose. Your chemicals will work better and your water will be easier on your skin and hot tub parts. Filters up to 10,000 Gallons!

    Volume savings! Buy 2 or more for $22.99 each!

    CAD $28.99
  • X10 Water Pre-Fill Filter

    Get the quality of bottled water with the X10 KDF & granular activated charcoal filter. Removes up to 99% of water contaminants, eliminating most spa and pool water problems.

    Rated to filter 8,000 gallons of water, but can last much longer, depending on water conditions.

    CAD $69.99