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Mineral Cartridges (Spa Mineral Purifiers)

Mineral Cartridges (Spa Mineral Purifiers)



  • Mineral Purifier Cartridge

    Compatible with bromine or chlorine.

    Cleans  spa water naturally and reduces the amount of sanitizer by up to 50%. A combination of silver, copper, & zinc, helps kill bacteria in hot tub water, and reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine required. 

    Contains the highest concentration of minerals compared to all other spa mineral cartridges.

    Buy 3 or more for $32.49 each!

    CAD $34.99
  • Nature 2 Mineral Cartridge

    The Nature 2 Mineral Cartridge uses a patented mineral bed technology to destroy bacteria in your hot tub. This process dramatically improves your water quality and reduces the amount of chlorine needed in your spa. Not compatible with bromine.

    Buy 3 or more for $37.99 each!

    Nature 2
    CAD $39.99