Filters (Disposable 1 Micron)

PuraSpa® Premium Filters work faster and more efficiently than any other hot tub filter on the market. Our 1 Micron disposable filters typically last 3 to 5 months, depending on bather load.


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There are many reasons to choose PuraSpa® Premium, 1 Micron Filters:

  • You will use less chemicals and required chemicals will last longer, with less contaminants in the water. You will notice the difference in your water.
  • They filter faster and more efficiently than any other hot tub filter on the market. Faster filtration means faster water recovery after a heavy bather load, taking contaminants out of the water before they cause a decrease in your sanitizer level.
  • PuraSpa® 1 Micron Filters eliminate the need for defoamers, clarifiers, cleaners, enzymes and descummers.
  • PuraSpa® filters remove solids in your spa water and will lowers the TDS on a constant basis, extending the time between hot tub water changes.
  • Our Filters remove minerals, stopping buildup on spa parts, thus extending the life of your equipment.
  • PuraSpa® Filters have a lower density at the surface, with progressively higher density towards the center of the filter. This allows particles to get trapped through the entire depth of the filter, creating superior dirt-holding capacity.
  • Our filters will lower your maintenance time and costs on chemicals. No filter cleaning ever - simply replace after 3 to 5 months.

Filtration effectiveness is based on 2 standards:

  1. Micron Rating - The minimal size of particle that can be filtered out (the smaller the better).
  2. Efficiency - The percentage of particles, above a certain size, that can be filtered out (the higher the better).

1 Micron vs Pleated Filter Comparison

Quality PuraSpa® 1 Micron Filters have a significantly better rating in both micron and efficiency. PuraSpa® Filters will also filter out significantly more weight of debris before becoming saturated. The micron rating and efficiency of a Pleated Filter will also decrease after each cleaning.

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