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Spa Cover - Round

Spa Cover - Round
CAD $399.00
- "A" (inches)
- Skirt Length
- Make/Model of spa (if known)
- Cover Choice
- Upgrades
- Colour

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Detailed Instructions to Order a Round Hot Tub Cover:

Step 1: Provide Measurements for your cover.

A: Provide the diameter of your spa or cover, as shown in the picture above. If you are measuring your hot tub, it is best to add a 1/2 inch so your cover comes on and off easily.

Note: 96" is the maximum size of cover we make.


How to Measure Hot Tub Cover Skirt Length

Skirt Length: Measure the skirt from the bottom of your cover to the end of your skirt (as pictured in the diagram). If you don't have an existing cover to measure, note that the skirt is meant to cover the acrylic lip on your spa, so you can measure the width of your spa lip. (Measure in inches)


Step 2: Provide the Make & Model of your Hot Tub.

This information is not required but provide if known.

Step 3: Select your Cover Choice.

The thickness of your spa cover is personal preference, but thicker is stronger and has a higher insulation value.

Prices for Custom Spa Covers

The Classic (R10), Premier (R14) & Extreme Covers (R18) are all made with 1.5 lb High Density Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS). The Extreme "Walk-On" Cover (R21) is made with the highest density 2.0 lb foam, for maximum strength and R-Value (insulation value).

Step 4: Select Optional Cover Upgrades.

Our covers come standard with a 4 mil thick Vapour Barrier, heat sealed on each foam insert. A 4 mil barrier is very good, but we also offer options to further protect your inserts from absorbing water.

  • You can upgrade to an even thicker, 6 mil vapour barrier, heat sealed on each insert.
  • Or even better, you can have your inserts double-wrapped in 2 layers of 4 mil vapour barrier. Each layer is heat sealed separately, for 2 layers of protection.

Last Step: Select your Colour (click here for large cover colour images).

Almond Spa Cover Swatch

Brown Spa Cover Swatch

Teal Spa Cover Color Swatch

Light Grey Cover Color Swatch

Rawhide Spa Cover Color Swatch

Chocolate Color Swatch

Hunter Green Spa Cover Swatch

Dark Grey Cover Color Swatch

Spice Spa Cover Color Swatch

Azure Spa Cover Swatch

Burgundy Color Swatch

Charcoal Color Swatch

Solana Rust Spa Cover Swatch

Navy Spa Cover Swatch

Black Spa Cover Swatch



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