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Toys & Fun Stuff

Toys & Fun Stuff

Add a little fun to your hot tub or pool!

These toys are great for kids of all ages and a conversation piece for any hot tub or pool.


  • Kurt Busch Rubber Duck

    Every Kurt Busch limited editiion Celebriduck is numbered up to 5000 and includes a free inflatable pool.

    CAD $8.99
  • Matt Kenseth Rubber Duck

    The Single edition of the Matt Kenseth NASCAR Celebriduck is sequentially numbered up to 5000, and includes a free inflatable pool.

    CAD $8.99
  • Rubber Duck Fragrance Holder, by InSPAration

    A fun place to store your favourite spa fragrance. Simply unscrew the InSPAration duck's hat and fill with any liquid spa fragrance. These ducks are fun and provide a great place to store your spa fragrances.

    CAD $8.99
  • Brett Hull Rubber Duck

    Celebriducks has stopped making all hockey ducks. Limited quantities of the Brett Hull Rubber Duck are available.

    CAD $8.99
  • Mona Lisa Rubber Duck

    Without a doubt, the most famous painting of all time is Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa del Gioconda.

    CAD $8.99