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Jumbo Jets (7-1/2" Face Diameter), Waterway

Jumbo Jets (7-1/2" Face Diameter), Waterway

The face diameter of Waterway Jumbo Jets is 7.5 Inches. If you are installing a new Jumbo Jet, you will need a large flat area and the recommended spa hole size is 5-3/4".



  • Multi-Action Jumbo Jet Insert, Waterway

    The Waterway Jumbo Jet has pulsating action with adjustable jet pressure.

    CAD $119.99
  • Waterway Jumbo Jet Body (1-1/2" Slip Water X 1" Slip Air)

    Waterway Jumbo Jet Body. The connections are 1-1/2" Slip Water and 1" Slip Air.

    CAD $54.99