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Wireless Thermometer and Weather Monitor

Wireless Thermometer and Weather Monitor
CAD $38.99

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Monitor the temperature of your hot tub, spa, pool, aquarium, RV, greenhouse or outside temperature, with the Wireless Weather Station!

Also monitors base station temperature and humidity.

Features Include:

  • Wireless Outdoor Temperature Monitor (°F or °C)
  • Monitors Indoor Humidity
  • Monitors Indoor Temperature (°F or °C)
  • Records Minimum and Maximum Humidity & Temperature
  • Select 12 or 24 Hour Time
  • Wall Hanging or Free Standing
  • Sensor station includes 6 foot probe:
    CHANNEL 1 - data measured by internal sensor of remote location
    CHANNEL 2 - data measured by 6 foot probe (optional to use)
    (The 6 foot probe is a dry probe. You can tape this probe on a PVC pipe on your main heating line. The water temperature through the pipe will be very close to the actual spa temperature.)

Product Dimensions:

Receiver Station: 3.86 " x 2.9" x 1.15 "
Sensor: 4.8 " x 1.5 " x .76"

Weather Station Specifications:

  • Transmits up to 330 feet
  • Indoor Temperature Range: -10°C to +59.9°C (14.1°F to 139.8°F)
  • Outdoor Temperature Range: -39.9°C to +59.9°C (-39.8°F to +139.8°F)
  • Receiver Requires: 2 “AA” Alkaline Batteries (not included)
    Wireless Sensor Requires: 2 "AAA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Batteries Last up to 24 Months

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