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Hot Tub Cover Construction

Our covers are designed to last, made with only the best materials.

Premium Marine Grade Vinyl - We only use the best quality marine grade vinyl, made tough to withstand our harsh Canadian cold and wet outdoors. Our vinyl is treated with ultraviolet inhibitors, cold-crack resistant and mildew inhibitors. There are 25 points where extra reinforcements are sewn in for maximum strength.

Reflective Liner - The double-layer industrial grade liner is made to last and reflects heat back to your spa.

Hinge Seal - Our hinges have a gasket down the full width of the cover fold that seals when you close the cover (not just tiny pillows on either end, like some covers). The hinge will seal effectively to avoid heat loss at the fold and conserve energy.

Snow Load - Tempered aluminum 'C' channel supports in every cover and high strength insulating foam, allow our spa covers to handle heavy snow loads without sagging or warping.

Zipper Access - The zippers are heavy duty, commercial grade nylon and made for marine applications. They won't rust or corrode and glide easily to access the cover inserts.

Thick Moisture Barrier - All inserts are vacuum-heat sealed in extra thick, 4 mil polyethylene vapour barrier to lock out moisture. To further guard against moisture absorption, you have the option of upgrading to an even thicker 6 mil polyethylene, or you can even get your foam double-wrapped & sealed in 2 layers of 4 mil polyethylene.

Extended Perimeter Skirt Flap - Designed to keep heat and moisture in your spa, and protect your spa shell from UV damage.

Precision Manufacturing - Our vinyl and foam inserts are computer cut to ensure a perfect fit, while the remainder of the hot tub cover is hand made with professional workmanship.

Durable Hinges - Double stitched and reinforced with 4 layers of vinyl, designed for extra strength and engineered for cover lifters.

4 Handles - Easy to lift with cross-stitched handles that won't rip off.

4 Locking Straps - Includes 4 lock-down straps with key locks for extra strength and security. Will prevent wind from blowing your hot tub cover off. Use the key locks if you have children around your spa or neighbors using your spa when you're not around!

High Density Tapered Foam Core - The tapered design allows water run-off and protects from snow and rain damage. Our covers are made with strong, 1.5 lb high density expanded polystyrene foam, with our 5" to 4" covers also available with 2.0 lb Super High Density Foam.

Our covers are backed by a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Hot Tub Covers Made in Canada

Color Choices (click here for large cover colour images).

Almond Spa Cover Swatch

Brown Spa Cover Swatch

Teal Spa Cover Color Swatch

Light Grey Cover Color Swatch

Rawhide Spa Cover Color Swatch

Chocolate Color Swatch

Hunter Green Spa Cover Swatch

Dark Grey Cover Color Swatch

Spice Spa Cover Color Swatch

Azure Spa Cover Swatch

Burgundy Color Swatch

Charcoal Color Swatch

Solana Rust Spa Cover Swatch

Navy Spa Cover Swatch

Black Spa Cover Swatch


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