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Tips for Crystal Clear Hot Tub Water

Following these tips will help keep your spa clear, fresh and clean. Proper water maintenance will drastically reduce the amount of chemicals you will need to use in your spa!

Water testing: Test your spa water every week. Always test for pH, alkalinity and for the sanitizer you are using (chlorine or bromine). Keeping the pH and alkalinity in the proper ranges allow your chemicals to work effectively and will lengthen the life of your jets, pumps and heater. If you are new to water chemistry, you should test the sanitizer level before every use. This will prevent any bacteria growth and will keep your spa completely safe and sanitary.

Ozone generators: For optimal water quality, you should consider installing an ozonator. If your spa has an ozonator, make sure it is operating properly!

Baseball caps: Keep baseball caps near your spa so that people with long hair can tuck their hair into the hat and keep it from getting in the water. This will minimize the amount of oils that will get into the water from gel, hair spray, mousse and shampoo residue. This will help keep your water clear and will also prevent foam from forming in your hot tub.

Filters: Always be certain that the filter is seated properly in the canister. This will ensure that all the water is being filtered and will maximize jet pressure. Filters should be replaced after twelve months of use. Degraded filters will not work properly and will cause cloudy water. Filters should be cleaned every month and soaked in a degreaser solution. Some people find it handy to have two filters and use on an alternating basis. For best results, let your spare filter soak in the filter cleaning solution all month and rinse thoroughly before use. If you have a lot of bathers in your hot tub, you may have to clean the filter more frequently.

Oils & soaps: Try to avoid getting oil based or soap based products in your spa water. When cleaning your spa, avoid cleaning products that contain soap or ammonia. These products can have dismal effects on your water chemistry. Use a water and bleach solution or spa cleaner to wash down the spa shell. Always rinse well with fresh water and dry with large clean towels. Also, try to avoid using hair products, deodorant, sun tan lotion or skin cream while using your spa. These products will cloud your water and clog the filter. An operable ozonator will quickly and effectively break down oils and other organics, further clarifying the water. Last, use minimal soap when washing bathing suits and always rinse well.

Scumbags: Use Zorbies or Scum Bugs to remove oils from the water. These products will reduce the amount of oils that are pumped through the filter and will reduce scum lines that form at the water level. Scum Bugs breakdown oils keeping the spa water clear and fresh for a longer period. For best results, always remember to squeeze out the Bugs (not in the spa water) when you use your hot tub.

Venturi air controls: Make sure the air valves are closed when you are not using your spa. These controls are the dials on top of your spa that mix air with the water coming out of the jets. These valves allow cool air into the water, so if left on for long periods, your spa water will cool down and cause your heater to run more often.