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Booster Seat Cushion, Water Brick

Booster Seat Cushion, Water Brick
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Water Brick Booster Seat Hot Tub Cushion

The Water Brick Water Booster Seat increases the seated height for hot tub users, and doubles as a cushioned spa seat. At over 4" thick, the water seat increases your comfort, when compared to sitting directly on any hot tub surface.

Made of PVC coated vinyl, the Water Brick is made for use in hot tubs. To ensure the seat sinks, a removable pouch with 3 individual compartments should be filled with marbles or washed pea-gravel. It is best to never leave the booster seat in the hot tub when not in use. 

  • PVC coated vinyl construction with foam cushion core.
  • Safe for use with all spa chemicals.
  • Removable pouch can be filled with marbles or washed pea gravel to further increase the weight or seated height of the water seat.
  • Measures 15" x 12" x 4".

Directions to use the Water Brick Booster Seat Cushion.

  1. Locate the zipper on the water seat.
  2. Unzip and remove the included vinyl pouch.
  3. The pouch includes 3 reseal-able compartments. Fill these compartments with washed pea gravel or marbles and close.
  4. Place the filled vinyl pouch back into the water seat and zip closed.
  5. Place the water seat in your hot tub and allow time for the air to escape from the water seat. The water seat will sink within a short time.
  6. Place the water seat in your favorite seat and relax.

Do not fill the water seat with any metal products (including loose coins) as this will adversely affect your spa water chemistry.

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