Pure Fill Pro Spa Pre-Filter, 0.5 Micron Carbon Block
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Pure Fill Pro Spa Pre-Filter, 0.5 Micron Carbon Block

Purify your spa water as it enters your hot tub, by attaching a 0.5 Micron, Activated Carbon Spa Pre-Filter to your garden hose. Your chemicals will work better and your water will be easier on your skin and hot tub parts.

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Purify your tap water by using a Spa Pre-filter on your garden hose!

The tap water used to fill a hot tub is probably not as pure as you think. Impurities such as; copper, iron, calcium, sodium and other deposits can be harmful to yourself, can harm your spa parts and make it harder to balance your hot tub water. Some of these deposits can seriously affect your heater element, jets, pump and spa shell.

Carbon Block Pre-filters will eliminate or reduce; rust, iron, phosphates, organic debris, suspended solids, colours, odours, pesticide residues, TOC's, VOC's, cadmium, chlorine, calcium, sodium, tastes, cloudiness, aluminum, hydrogen sulphide, arsenic, lead, copper, iron oxide, mercury, vapours, sediment & dust.

Hot tub chemicals like clarifiers, coagulants, flocculants and stain and scale chemicals will reduce these impurities, but will not eliminate them. A carbon block pre-filter will drastically reduce (or eliminate) the need for these chemicals, making your spa experience healthier and more enjoyable.

You can reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) and increase the life & quality of your spa water by filtering the water as it enters. The Carbon Block Pre-Filter will take out particles as small as 0.5 microns. To put this in perspective, the human eye can detect particles as small as 40 microns and blood cells are approximately 2 microns.

  • We highly recommend our Carbon Block Pre-Filter for anyone wanting to reduce the amount of chemicals used in your hot tub.
  • We especially recommend this filter if you are using a bromine or chlorine generator. Bromine and Chlorine generators will not work properly if your spa contains too many impurities, is high in phosphates or the TDS is too high in your hot tub.
  • We highly recommend our Carbon Block Pre-Filter if you are using 1 micron disposable filters in your hot tub. Quality disposable filters will filter out many of these impurities, so the use of a carbon block pre-filter will drastically extend the life of your disposable spa filters.
  • We also recommend this filter if your tap water is high in iron or phosphates.

Simply attach the Pre-Filter to the end of a regular garden hose and fill your hot tub. Replace when the filter is full and flow is restricted.

Special Instructions: Run your tap water through the filter for 30 seconds before filling your spa.