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Covermate 1 (for Specialty Brands)

Covermate 1 (for Specialty Brands)

  • Covermate 1 in closed postition.
  • Covermate Cover Lift with Spa Towel Holder.
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Covermate 1 Model

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For the small minority of hot tubs that the regular Covermate 1 will not fit, we offer special Covermate 1 lifters. We have Covermate 1 lifters specifically designed for Arctic Spas, Aspen Spas, Coleman Spas, Clearwater Spas, Sundance Spas & another model for the very large Sundance Aspen & Sundance Maxxus.
Please read the detailed information for each of the specialty brands (below) before ordering.

Covermate 1 with bracket made for Arctic Spas



This coverlift is Made by Leisure Concepts. The bracket is designed to mount over a raised panel piece on the Arctic Spas® Cabinet.


Arctic Spas® is a registered Trademark of Spa logic Inc. a registered Corporation in the Province of Alberta. Hot Tub Essentials is not affiliated with or an authorized dealer for Arctic Spas®.


Clearwater Covermate 1


Clearwater Spas

Order the Sundance model to accommodate the unique style of cabinet on Clearwater Spas. This is exactly the same lift sold by Clearwater Spas, except that the box will say Sundance.




Covermate 1 for Coleman Spas


Coleman Spas

Use the Coleman Covermate 1 on Coleman 400 & 700 Series Models.

For Coleman 300 Series, use the Regular Covermate 1.



Covermate 1 with bracket made for Coyote Spas


Coyote Spas

Order the Arctic Model for Coyote 8 foot models. Install the bracket either with the bracket mounted over the raised panel piece or with the flange of the bracket mounted on the raised panel piece.



Covermate 1 with Extended Brackets

Use the Covermate 1 with Extended Brackets for hot tubs with a Corner Radius larger than 10" (25 cm)  or on spa cabinets with 'Cut Off Corners' that measure more than 14" (35 cm).


Covermate 1 for Sundance Maxxus and Aspen.

Maxxus Spas

The Covermate 1 Maxxus Lift was specifically designed for the very large Sundance Aspen & Sundance Maxxus Spas. (These spas measure 7'6" (225 cm) by 9'2" (279 cm). These lifts work on the bi-fold and tri-fold covers.




Sundance Covermate 1


Sundance Spas

Use the Sundance Covermate 1 to accommodate the unique style of both synthetic and wood cabinets on Sundance Spas.

For Sundance Aspen & Sundance Maxxus Models (Large 7'6" (225 cm) by 9'2" (279 cm) Spas), use the special Maxxus Covermate 1.

Sweetwater Spas

Order the Sundance style to accommodate the unique style of cabinet on Sweetwater Spas.

The Covermate 1 is the #1 Coverlift in the Hot Tub Industry:

Covermate 1 with Cover Closed.

  • Easy to Operate - The smallest of spa users can operate the Covermate 1 Lifter with ease. The exceptional design allows removal of your spa cover even easier than other 'no name brand' gas shock (hydraulic) cover lifts! Having the centre bar run the entire width of the cover, adds strength, making it much easier to remove your cover.
  • Solid Construction -The Covermate 1 is made with black powder coated aluminum bars and non-corrosive, composite mounting brackets. The 12 point (35 cm) mounting system provides the ultimate in strength.
  • Attractive Design -The sleek, low profile, ergonomic look compliments any spa.
  • Space Efficient -As little as 10" (25 cm) clearance behind the spa is needed.
  • A Simple Design that works - It is proven to be absolutely trouble-free, with only one moving part and a built-in stop mechanism. There is no need to ever worry about springs or shocks needing to be replaced.

We recommend The Spa Cover Saver to prevent damage to your hot tub cover seam. This is especially important, with any center bar cover lift, if you have a large and heavy hot tub cover.

Arctic Spas & Coyote Spas Covermate 1 Installation Instructions.

Clearwater Spas Covermate 1 Installation Instructions.

Coleman Spas Covermate 1 Installation Instructions.

Maxxus Spas & Aspen Spas Covermate 1 Installation Instructions.

Sundance Spas & Sweetwater Spas Covermate 1 Installation Instructions.

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