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Spa Eclipse NEXT GENERATION Dual Voltage by Del Ozone

Spa Eclipse NEXT GENERATION Dual Voltage by Del Ozone
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Del Spa Eclipse Next Generation Dual Voltage 110 - 120V / 220 - 240V (Auto Voltage Sensing).

We recommend this ozonator above all others, based on ozone output and reliability!

Higher ozone output and longer life than other CD technology, the DEL Ozone Spa Eclipse is the ultimate solution for water treatment in spa applications. Considerably more energy efficient than UV ozone generators, the Spa Eclipse is lower in overall power consumption, heat generation and operating cost. 

The Spa Eclipse Next Generation Ozonator, exceeds the capabilities of other ozonators and features Del's exclusive Advanced Plasma Gap (APG) technology, for unsurpassed reliability. The system is equipped with Auto Volatge Sensing for compatibility with all voltages.

  • 5 year ozone cell life expectancy.
  • Auto voltage sensing (100 - 250 Volts / 50-60 Hz).
  • High consistent ozone output (50-70 mg/hr) at rated flow.
  • Ozone LED Indicator Light.
  • Advanced Plasma Gap (APG) cell technology.
  • Design is water back flow resistant.
  • Made of ozone resistant materials.

Includes ozone tubing & check valve.
Compact Size: 3.4”H x 4.9”W x 2.3”D
Power Consumption: 10 Watts

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