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Gecko Y Series Control System (YE-5 Retrofit Kit Bundle)

Gecko Y Series Control System (YE-5 Retrofit Kit Bundle)

  • Gecko IN.K200 Topside Control.
  • Gecko IN.K450 Topside Control.
  • Gecko YE-5 Control System, large image
  • Optional IN.TOUCH Wifi Module
Gecko YE-5 Bundle
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Optional Wifi Module

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IN.YE-5 Control System Retrofit Kit Bundle

Choose from the in.k200 or in.k450 topside & add optional wifi remote access.

  • Can be wired to 220V or 110V. If the main power is 220V, then all components can be configured for 110V or 220V.
  • Includes Cord Kit (two 4 wire cords, two 3 wire cords and a 12 V AC light cord - see below for more details).
  • The heater is 5.5 kW or 4 kW when wired to 220V or 1.375 / 1 kW when hooked up to 110V.
  • The system features a solid-state water flow detection system, which eliminates the pressure switch found in traditional spa packs. 
  • Preloaded configuration settings allow for fast and easy programming. 
  • Compatible with the Gecko WiFi module. The WiFi module can be added at any time in the future, or at a reduced price with the bundle.
  • Dimensions of control system: 19.6" x 10.75" x 2.87", heater is 15" wide with standard 2" connections

The YE-5 has 5 configurable relays & this will determine the amount of equipment you can run. Each 2-speed pump will use 2 relays, while other 1-speed pumps, blowers and ozonators will use 1 relay each. If you are running a fibre-optic lighting system, this will use 2 relays. A stereo or television can also be powered and will not use one of the relays.

You have the option of running up to (2) 2-speed pumps. Most hot tubs will have at least (1) 2-speed pump, and low speed is used to heat and filter your hot tub. If your tub has a **circulation pump (see disclaimer at bottom of page) for heating & filtering, you have the option to configure all pumps as 1-speed.

There are 2 topside controls to choose from (see detailed images above).

in.k200 topside keypad - 4-3/4" X 2" (also includes larger adapter plate to use if you need to cover a larger hole)

in.k450 topside keypad - 7-1/4" X 3" (also includes larger adapter plate to use if you need to cover a larger hole)

Note: If you are adding the IN.TOUCH 2 WiFi Interface Module, the in.k450 is strongly recommended. The in.k450 has a clock feature and the Wifi software will allow you to select filter and heating modes during exact times of the day, when used with the in.k450. If you have a fibre-optic lighting system, you also require the IN.K450 topside control.

Amp cords used on Gecko Y-Series4 wire cords (2 included in bundle): 2-speed pumps & fiber optic lighting systems require a 4-wire cord.
3 wire cords (2 included in bundle): 1-speed pumps, blowers, ozonators, audio, video use a 3 wire cord.

The cords plug in directly to the circuit board.

Gecko Y-Series Light CordLight Cable (included in bundle) - This pack uses a unique power cord that plugs into the board, for a regular 12 V spa light or LED light.

**Use of circulation pump on the Y-Series: Most spas don't have a small circulation pump, instead, the main pump runs on low speed to heat and filter the water during set filtration cycles. If you are using a small circulation pump, the flow rate must be at least 25 gallons per minute. In other words, the circulation pump must be similar to a Waterway Iron Might or Aquaflo Circmaster Pump and require a minimum 1.5" size plumbing. Pumps like the Waterway Tiny Might or Laing E10 Circulation Pump are too small and will not work with this control system.

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