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Silent Air Hot Tub Blower, Hydroquip

Silent Air Hot Tub Blower, Hydroquip
Silent Air
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The Hydroquip Silent Air Blowers are a revolutionary design that produces more air output and is much quieter than conventional blowers of the same HP rating!

Advanced technology and reliability you can trust from Hydroquip.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Mounting
  • Compact Design
  • Incredible Performance
  • Efficient design uses less amps to produce the same HP as traditional blowers

The part number and price will change above, as you select your horse power and voltage:

AS-610U (994-55002-7A-S) - 1.0HP, 120 Volt Hot Tub Blower - 4.5 Amps

AS-620U (994-55102-7A-S) - 1.0HP, 240 Volt Hot Tub Blower - 2.4 Amps

AS-810U (994-56002-7C-S) - 1.5HP, 120 Volt Hot Tub Blower - 6.2 Amps

AS-820U (994-56102-7C-S) - 1.5HP, 240 Volt Hot Tub Blower - 3.1 Amps

Cord Option Explanation:

You have a choice between 3 different plug options which can be added to your order above. If you have a different plug, it is best to save your existing cord and wire it on your new blower.

 J&J Mini Blower Cord J&J Mini P2 Blower Cord Anp 4 Prong Blower Cord

Blower Coupler Coupler Option Explanation:

Fits standard 1-1/2" ID (1-7/8" OD) plumbing.

If you have 2" ID (2-3/8" OD) plumbing, add the 2" coupler to your order.

The coupler slides on the outside of the blower fitting.

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