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Hot Tub Ionizer Kit by ClearBlue

Hot Tub Ionizer Kit by ClearBlue

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  • Hot Tub Ionizer by Clear Blue.
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A-400H-AP / A-400UH-AP
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Mineral spa hydrotherapy - The ClearBlue hot tub Ionizer is plumbed into your filtration system and releases minerals into your spa water. Natural mineral spas have been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years and now this ancient form of hydrotherapy is available in your own backyard! Hot water infused with minerals is relaxing, rejuvenating and great for your skin.

Great for your skin - Infuses the spa water with natural minerals that leave your skin feeling soft after every soak. The Ionizer reduces bromine/chlorine and other chemicals by up to 90%.

Always protecting your hot tub - ClearBlue minerals keep controlling bacteria and algae in your hot tub or spa, even when the pump isn’t running. (UV light and ozone systems only work when the spa is on and water is flowing.)

Easy on your spa - ClearBlue minerals are completely safe for your hot tub and cover and will never cause fading or corrosion to your equipment or spa cover. On the other hand, ozonators can corrode your accessories and cover.

Precise and measurable - Mineral ions can be measured with test strips so you know they are in there and working. It's easy to tell when a new electrode is needed. Flow based mineral cartridges have no way to test the level in the water or track how much is left in the cartridge.

Low power - The digital controller requires minimal electricity and keeps working while the spa is turned off. The maximum amp draw is 0.2 Amps.

The kit includes:

  • Spa Ionizer Controller Module
  • Ionizer Electrode Assembly
  • 2" Tee Assembly & 1.5" Reducer Fittings
  • Copper Test Strips (tests for Copper, pH & Total Alkalinity)

Frequently asked questions:

  • Are mineral ions harmful if my pets or kids drink the spa water? No, the maximum amount of copper that is allowed in drinking water is 1.3ppm. Our controller will maintain a maximum of 0.4ppm if properly configured. The other minerals used are present in trace amounts and within the allowable levels for drinking water.

  • What is the Warranty? 5 years.

  • Can I add a stain & scale agent (Protect Plus) to the water?  Stain & scale preventing sequestering agents are needed if you have source water with high concentrations of iron, calcium or lime etc. Although these products are designed to remove iron and calcium, they will also remove the ClearBlue mineral ions. If you have a serious staining concern due to high iron in your water, you can treat the water at the source by using a spa water pre-filter. This filter can be attached to your garden hose and will remove contaminants before they enter the pool or spa. If you have already put a sequestering agent into your spa, it will not damage your Ionizer, but we recommended unplugging the ClearBlue controller for 4-6 weeks because the sequestering agent will neutralize the new minerals, so you will be wasting the cell.

  • How much chlorine or bromine residual sanitizer do I need? Health Canada recommends a minimum of 3ppm in spas. The EPA recommends a minimum chlorine or bromine of 0.5ppm in mineral pools and spas.

  • What size of hot tubs will the ClearBlue Spa Ionizer work on? Any spa or pool up to 2500 gallons (9500 liters). 

  • Will the copper turn my hair green? No, there have been cases of people getting a green tint in their hair after swimming, but this is caused by a combination of high chlorine levels (above 5ppm) and high copper levels (above 1ppm). The chlorine at high concentrations opens the door for copper to stain the hair. When used as directed, your ClearBlue system will output a maximum of 0.4ppm of copper. At these levels, you would have the same chance of getting green hair in your spa, as you would in your shower.

  • How long does it take to get the mineral ions up to the recommended levels? The rule of thumb is 7 days for a hot tub. Once you get the ions up to the correct level, they are very stable, so you should not need to adjust the controller settings. 

  • How long do the mineral cells last? ClearBlue Mineral Cells generally last 2-3 years in a hot tub and can be purchased separately. 

  • How do you hook up the electrical to the Ionizer? Ideally the Ionizer should get power all the time. One option on most spa packs is to use the Audio/Video receptacle on the circuit board. When your spa pump is not running, the minerals will build up in the tee area and then get flushed into the spa, when the pump comes on (this is as designed). If your hot tub doesn't have an ‘always-on’ power source available, you may plug into the ozonator circuit. The Ionizer settings may need to be increased a little, to compensate for the power cycle. The ClearBlue Ionizers come standard with an AMP style plug end, which is commonly used on newer Balboa and Gecko spa controls. The PuraSpa electronic spa packs have an Audio/Video AMP style receptacle on the circuit board. If needed, it will not affect the warranty if you cut the cord to hard wire or splice to another style of cord. 

  • What does the AMP Cord end look like?

     Amp 4 Prong Ozonator Cord


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