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Nature 2 Mineral Cartridge

Nature 2 Mineral Cartridge

  • Nature 2 Cartridge Sanitizer
Nature 2
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The Nature 2 Mineral Cartridge by Zodiak, uses a patented mineral bed technology to destroy bacteria. This process dramatically improves your water quality and reduces the amount of chlorine needed in your hot tub.

  • Eliminates chemicals odours.
  • Removes organics, irritants and metals.
  • Makes spa water softer, more comfortable and improves clarity.

Easy to use:

  • Use with non chlorine shock (Activate),  Di-Chlor Granular Chlorine & chlorine pucks. Not compatible with bromine.
  • Simply drops into your spa filter and it works with your existing filtration system.
  • The cartridge lasts 4 months and is good for spas up to 500 gallons.

It is very important to use with the exact chemicals mentioned above. It doesn't have to our brand, but the non chlorine shock needs to be Potassium Monopersulfate and the chlorine must be Di-Chlor.

Nature 2 is not a registered sanitizer with Health Canada and minimum chlorine levels still need to be maintained. This is the same cartridge that is sold in the US, but in Canada it is labeled a clarifier instead of a sanitizer.

Click here to open the Nature 2 Owners Manual. (PDF file)

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