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Spa Shock (Non Chlorine)

Spa Shock (Non Chlorine)
Spa Shock
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Available in 1 kg & 3 kg Value Size.

Spa Shock is a non chlorine shock treatment for hot tubs and can be used with all chlorine or bromine sanitizing products.

Spa Shock works quickly in oxidizing many kinds of contaminants, that reduce the effectiveness of your hot tub's chlorine or bromine. Spa Shock will help restore water quality and boost the chlorine or bromine levels in your hot tub. Spa Shock also removes chloramines and bromamines (the used up forms of your sanitizer) from your spa water, and therefore reduces the smell and irritability of your chemicals. The use of Spa Shock will reduce the amount of sanitizer needed in your water.

Spa Shock is not a sanitizer and must be used with chlorine, bromine or sodium bromide salts. It also works well with bromine and chlorine generators when starting with fresh water, or to help keep up with higher than normal bather load.

Spa Shock is potassium monopersulfate, otherwise known as MPS.

Spa Shock by Spa Boss, is specially buffered to not upset the pH or alkalinity levels in your hot tub.

Compatible With: bromine pucks, granular bromine, sodium bromide salts, chlorine pucks, granular chlorine, sodium chloride salts, ozone and mineral purification systems.

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