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Power Pic Reach

Power Pic Reach

  • Spa Filter Cleaner Power Pic Close Up.
  • Power Pic Filter Cleaner in Action.
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The Power Pic Reach is the perfect companion extension nozzle for the Filter Flosser (sold separately). It is considered a companion tool, because ideally it fits on the comfort grip handle of the Filter Flosser, and provides the extra reach you need to clean pleated filters, inside & out.

In other words, you take the curved cleaning nozzle off the Filter Flosser and thread on the Power Pic Reach, to get inside your filter. By using it as a companion tool, you are able to use the shut-off valve that comes on the Filter Flosser (sold separately) to control the water pressure. That being said, you can thread the Power Pic Reach directly on the end of a garden hose, and use it independently.

The linear nozzle design provides an evenly disbursed, wide broadcast and generates a unique water/air agitation action, to get deep down between pleats for fast and thorough cleaning. The end cap doubles as a tool within a tool, for unclogging the outlets if needed.

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