The Roller Cover Remover
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The Roller Cover Remover

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The Roller Cover Remover brackets come completely assembled. You only need a screwdriver to mount. The Roller Cover Remover is a good choice because it puts no stress on your cover & works well in gazebos and areas with space restrictions on the sides.

  • SKU: CVR-R
  • $109.88 Can

The Roller Cover Remover includes 2 brackets and 12 mounting screws.
There are 4 rollers on each bracket.

The brackets come completely assembled and you only require a screwdriver
to mount. However, it is always recommended to use a drill to pre-drill small
guide holes in your spa cabinet.

6 screws hold each bracket, so the Cover Roller works well
even if your cover is very heavy.

Works well in spa gazebos and areas with space restrictions on sides.
The Cover Roller has been around for more than 20 years and is still one of
the most popular ways to remove a hot tub cover.

Limitations of the Roller Cover Remover:

  • Maximum Cover Width - 96" (244 cm)
  • Clearance required - Rear: allow for the width of your spa cover
  • Will it work for In-Deck Spas? - No, when folded in the down position,
    you require at least 31-1/2" (80 cm) clearance from the top of your acrylic, to the deck or ground.
  • It will not work on round or octagon shaped spas, unless the cabinet is rectangular.

Each bracket will protude out 32-3/4" (83 cm) when extended.

Click here for instructions for installing the Roller Cover Remover

The Cover Roller has a 1 year warranty, but will last much longer.

Roller Cover Remover in Closed Position

Roller Cover Remover in Brackets Up

Roller Cover Remover with Cover on Brackets


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