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Waterway Executive 56 Frame, 2 Inch Suction

Waterway Executive 56 Frame, 2 Inch Suction

  • Waterway Executive 56 with 2" Intake Dimensions
  • Executive 56 Frame Pump Motor Measurements
  • Waterway Executive 56 Frame Flow Rates
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2 Inch Suction (see detailed image), Waterway Executive 56 Frame Pump available in these models:

Part Number Horse Power Voltage Amp Draw (Low / High Speed)
3720821-1D 2 HP 230 Volts 3.0 / 8.0 Amps
3721221-1D 3 HP 230 Volts 3.4 / 10.0 Amps
3721621-1D 4 HP 230 Volts 4.4 / 12.0 Amps
3722021-1D 5 HP 230 Volts 4.8 / 16.4 Amps


  • Available here with a 2.0" suction (3" Outside Diameter on threads),
    but can also be ordered with a 2.5" suction here (measures 3-5/8" O.D. on threads).
  • Executive wet end designed specifically for 56 frame motors to run cooler, have more power and use less energy.
  • Two double shielded ball bearings with moisture resistant grease, for quieter operation and longer life.
  • Two speed motors have four sets of insulated windings for increased efficiency.
  • 56 frame motor for added strength, cooler operating temperature and longer motor life.
  • Split capacitor (start and run) for less energy consumption.
  • Thermally protected to extend life expectancy of motor.
  • Wet end can easily be rotated for Left or Right Side Discharge, or can be used as shipped (with discharge pointing up).
  • Large 7.5 inch diameter wet end for higher head pressure.
  • This pump also replaces Beachcomber Massage Master XLT.

Pump cord and pump unions are not included.

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