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Flo-Master XP3, 56 Frame, 2-Speed Pump, Aqua-Flo by Gecko

Flo-Master XP3, 56 Frame, 2-Speed Pump, Aqua-Flo by Gecko

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Flo-Master XP3
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The Aqua-Flo, Flo-Master XP3 pump is Gecko's newest high performance spa pump. It is designed for today's large spas with many jets, requiring increased water flow. The XP3 pump is designed for increased performance, achieved through efficiency rather than brute force.

Features large 2.5" Suction and 2.5" Discharge (measure 3-5/8" Outside Diameter on threads), for increased flow and jet pressure.

The wet end can be rotated every 90 degrees.

It is best to select your proper replacement pump based on the high speed amperage draw (listed on your motor), instead of using the horse power, because the horse power listed on your pump may be misleading (see chart below).

Part Number Horse Power Voltage Amp Draw (Low / High Speed)
08326000-2041 3.0 HP 230 Volts 3.2 / 10 Amps
08330002-5041 4.0 HP 230 Volts 3.9 / 12 Amps
08342761-2041 5.0 HP 230 Volts 4.8 / 15 Amps


The pump includes 2 new pump unions with o-rings. The cord is not included, so be sure to take the cord off your old pump.

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