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PF-170 - PuraSpa 1 Micron Disposable Filter (13-5/16" L)

PF-170 - PuraSpa 1 Micron Disposable Filter (13-5/16" L)
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Volume savings! Buy 4 or more for $22.99 each!

The Original Size - Replaces 4-15/16" diameter, 13-5/16" length, 2-1/8" core.


  • Micropure MF-170 (identical)
  • Essentials Brand EB-170
  • Unicel C-4326, C-4950, C-4625, C-4637
  • Pleatco PRB25IN3, PRB50IN, PRB25IN
  • Filbur FC-2392 (17-175-4000), FC-2375, FC-2890, FC-2370
  • Darlly PP1271, C4950 DIS

PuraSpa® 1 Micron Filters have huge advantages!

  • Use less chemicals
  • Enjoy cleaner water
  • No filter cleaning

Also repaces the Silver Sentinel 'drop in filter' used in *Arctic Spas® pre 2009 (13-5/16" long, open on both ends).

If replacing the Silver Sentinel Threaded Filter (for *Arctic Spas® 2009 - current), you also require the Re-usable Threaded Adapter

Directions for using PuraSpa® 1 Micron Filters:

  • Place filter in spa and don't check filter for at least 2 months.
  • The filter will start to discolor from the outside in. When you can not see any white in the center of the filter, it is time to replace.
  • Expansion of the filter material is normal. As the filter absorbs and removes debris, the filter expands and filtration improves.
  • Do not use defoamers, clarifiers, cleaners, stain and scale mineral removers or descummer chemicals. These chemicals are not necessary with 1 Micron filters. These chemicals also reduce the life of our filters, because our filters remove these oils. If you have been using these chemicals in your water, drain your water before switching to 1 Micron filters.
  • Do not clean or rinse filter - simply replace when it is full. Micron filters have been tested to last up to 5 months for low bather loads, but it is recommended to replace after 3 months for optimal filtration.


Puraspa hot tub pre-filter

We recommend using a Pre-Filter, to filter your tap water as your fill your tub.

Water with low TDS is easier to balance. Use less chemicals and your disposable filters will last longer.







*Hot Tub Essentials is not affiliated with or an authorized dealer for Arctic Spas®.

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