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General Troubleshooting Tips with Spa Packs

  • Breaker must be reset after all changes. Turn breaker off, make adjustments, and then turn breaker back on.
  • Check the jumper pins/switches on the board. Are all the pins/switches in the correct position?
  • Is there power going to the part? Make sure you are getting the proper voltage across the pump, element, etc.
  • Check all connections and plugs. (Turn off the breaker) Unplug and re-plug in all cords and sensors and turn the breaker back on.
  • Check the fuses. Do any fuses need to be replaced?
  • Check the filter. Is the filter clean? Remove the filter and reset the breaker – is there still a flow issue?
  • Check the valves. Are they all open?
  • Check the voltage. Is it a 110V or 220V device? Is it wired for 110V or 220V on the Pak?